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2017-09-17 12:39 pm

Latest handsewn dress

I finished a dress (and an organza petticoat to go under it) - no longer really in time for Summer weather but have already worn it a few times!
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2017-08-24 09:32 am

Shoemaking in Devon

We went to Devon recently - a great holiday with the added bonus of having booked a day of shoemaking at Green Shoes, Moretonhampstead.

Here's a sequence of pics from start to finish, for those who might be interested :)

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2017-06-03 11:46 am


The custom orders of pretty fairy shoes were very briefy back, so I treated myself..
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2017-05-06 10:39 am

Recently completed socks

I was asked to make some boot socks with some yarn I made (that I'd dyed in some darker, muted colours) - here's the result!

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2017-03-22 10:31 am

Sock yarn!

Had a request to make some snuggly boot socks, so made this yarn to knit them from. Interesting dark colours!
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2017-02-19 04:59 pm

Interesting textured yarns made this weekend

Yarns! Three colours of alpaca fibres dyed up years ago, plied with thread to make some fun fluffy textured stuff.
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2017-02-01 09:31 am

First completed sewing project of 2017!

Got some lovely fabrics from a colleague who went shopping for me when visiting India. I made one lot of this into a dress - the lining was a good colour match (and was a random purchase on antique market day at Spitalfields Market).
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2016-12-31 12:39 pm

2-layer skirt - floaty top, silk lining

Been working on this for a bit, very fiddly to get the silk lining's hem to work and Mum helped with that over Christmas.
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2016-12-31 11:20 am

Entirely hand-sewn dress

I made this dress back in the summer, but only recently got round to taking pictures:

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2016-11-27 10:32 am

Silk fibre dyeing

More natural dyeing of silk! Lots of pics, do click through and take a look.

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2016-11-08 09:38 am

Keys and people

[livejournal.com profile] ingaborg and [livejournal.com profile] aperrott have moved and we swapped our spare keys back at the weekend :(
Plus side is possiblility of weekend games sometime at new place!

Talking of gaming, I found out that [livejournal.com profile] ingaborg has not met [livejournal.com profile] watervole, so I am noting this here so you can meet electronically (mutual interest in boardgames, tablet weaving, filking, country walks and books!)
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2016-10-19 09:46 am

Handspun pink/lilac natural-dyed yarn

I made some sock yarn from some of the fun natural dyed fibre from a few weeks ago.
[livejournal.com profile] watervole - this is for you :)
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2016-10-02 11:40 am

Pretty colours! Wool and silk dyeing experiments

Dug out a load of leftover dyestuffs that needed using, over the last few weeks. Results have been fun!
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2016-07-02 11:24 am

Spongey, minty-fresh colourscheme yarn

The very very last of the wool I bought years back at Burpham Court Farm.
This is Southdown - short fibre, really spongey, bit tricky to spin. Worked out OK!
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2016-06-12 06:03 pm

Street party - with added Morris Dancing!

Spent a good 4 hours + today out at a village party for the Queen.
Got dragged into some Morris Dancing (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] watervole we had some clue what to do ;) )
Pics at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tictactoepony/albums/72157669573475906
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2016-04-13 08:41 am

Yarn - just for fun

Yarn made over the last week, mostly while watching some of the "Fast and the furious" series of films.
A decent amount, no ideas what to do with it yet; it's been fun not making it for a specific purpose!
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2016-01-31 10:26 am

Laceweight yarn

Another finished spinning project! Some black alpaca, silk and bit of cashmere. Going to be some sort of shawl thing. Wanted to see quite how thin I could make it (fortunately the alpaca and the silk are quite strong, so it worked..)
See pics below for the "alien landscape" effect weird close-ups!

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2016-01-09 12:46 pm

Finished a spinning project (finally!)

Several years ago I used up some leftover dye from another project, to create some interesting colours on some silk fibre.
I've been spinning this only occasionally (drop spindle, not wheel) and after over a year and a half of work I finally completed it today :)

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2015-12-12 11:24 am

Dolly dresses, batch 2 - with some smocking

Thought I'd do a little more sewing - I'd not done any smocking for a bit so tried some of that (with varying degrees of success), and also tried a 2-layer skirt so the dress has its own lace-trimmed underlayer.
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